Where the black sand beaches stretch far beyond the Horizon

Bear River Outfitters

Alaska Peninsula’s Newest Lodge

About Bear River Outfitters

Bear River Outfitters is a group of professional hunters and guides and our commitment to you is that we strive to provide you with the best opportunity for the most successful and memorable hunting experience of a lifetime.

We may be the newest lodge but our guides are well seasoned on the Alaskan Peninsula and you will not find any with more experience in the region. Their vast knowledge of the land, animals and habitats here are second to none.

We offer one on one guided hunts. All hunts begin and end at the main lodge. Some hunts will be out of spike camps that will be deluxe, weather tight tents or a remote cabin. No matter which hunt you are on you will be fed three hearty meals/day.

Bear Hunting

Moose Hunting

Caribou Hunting


Scenery & Wildlife

Beach Combing

Our Location

Bear River Outfitters is located 10 miles north of Port Moller, directly on the Bearing Sea at the mouth of the Bear River.
The Maritime climate prevails over the region and the vegetation consists of treeless tundra, salmon berries and rivers full of salmon. This is not only an abundant food source for bear and moose but the sparse timber makes for the perfect spot and stalk hunt.

Cape Seniavin

Cape Seniavin is one of the largest haul-outs of the Pacific Walrus. It is not unconmon to see as many as 2,000 on the beach where you can get up close and personal for great photo opportunities.

Untouched Wilderness

The untouched wilderness offers many photo opportunities that cannot be described.

Being directly on the Bering Sea, we are a beach combers dream.